You Get What You Pay For – Dentistry as an Art Form

You’ve finally taken the time to schedule the dental procedure you’ve been putting off. The prospect of paying someone in a lab coat to poke around your mouth, and possibly do a little drilling, seems like the worst thing on earth, especially when it comes with a seemingly overpriced bill.
Perhaps the high cost of quality dentistry seems ridiculous and unfair, but the fact is that dentistry is simply not a commodity. It’s not an item on your grocery list that you can swing by and pick up at the supermarket. Dentistry is a professional service that is considered both a science and an art. While it’s true that you’ll find awesome dentists and mediocre ones, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to dentistry.
Though dentistry seems pretty straightforward, much like going to the doctor for a check-up, it can be seen as an art form. For example, a patient could choose to go to Dr. John instead of Dr. Smith for a smile makeover because Dr. John quoted a lower price. However, Dr. Smith may have experience in providing excellent smile makeovers for over 35 years, whereas Dr. Smith might not have as much experience. Your smile is what you present to the world, therefore, it may be tempting to choose a cheaper dentist, but you may end up with a lovelier smile if you choose Dr. Smith.
If you take a look at dentistry from the inside, most dentists in America will tell you that between 60 and 80 percent of a patient’s cost goes toward simply running the office. Just like the rest of us, dentists have to make their rent or mortgage payment for their space. They also have to pay their receptionists, dental hygienists, office managers, health insurance, taxes, supplies, business insurance, and technology. So while it seems like they’re making a killing off of the new crown you just had put in, their profit margins are typically quite tight. And like most folks who venture into a medical field, dentists often pay their student loans from dental school well into their practicing years.
Another factor in dental costs is the quality of the lab a dentist uses. In theory, we all want our dentist to be using excellent-quality labs for items such as crowns, bridges, and dentures, yes? A good dentist will want to use good quality dental products in people’s mouths because the last thing a patient is going to want to do is come back for a replacement procedure.
The use of the latest technology is another aspect of dental costs. While you might be tempted once again by Dr. John’s lower fees, Dr. Smith’s higher prices are worth it if he has the latest technology in his office. Any dentist that’s ready to invest in the latest high-quality advancements in the dental industry is going to be worth choosing. If your dentist takes the time to study and use the latest advancements in the dental field, it may cost you a little more, but it will be worth it in the end and you won’t have to come back as often as someone who chose a cheaper office.

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