Why You Need A Root Canal Treatment

Smiling can be very contagious. It is enough to give happiness even to strangers. But how could you smile back or share your smiles to everyone when you are experiencing a toothache? That would be very troublesome, right?


Your Tooth is Dying: Keep the pain away with a root canal treatment


There could be a lot of reasons why you are experiencing toothache right now; one reason is a root canal infection. This is a serious infection that has to be treated immediately; otherwise it can lead to even more complications.

The reason why you should get a root canal treatment is because your tooth is dying. Your tooth may seem fine. It may even look and feel sturdy and hard. Neither do you know that the inner pulp of the tooth, which is made out of soft living tissues, are already slowly dying due to deep decay and cracks. Thus, the only way to stop this pain is to get a root canal treatment immediately.

Failure to do so may only lead to abscess formation, infection spreading throughout the root system, and pain getting worse due to the increased damage to the tooth.


But I am afraid of the dentist, what should I do?


We’ve heard this expression, time and again. And don’t you worry! You are not the only one who has fears of doctors. But with Dental Arts Dr. Deb Cassill, you can kiss your dental fears goodbye.

Through sedation dentistry, we’ll ensure you won’t feel any pain as we undergo your root canal treatment. So go ahead and schedule your appointment with us. Get the needed treatment for your root canal infection to alleviate the pain.


How long will the root canal treatment last?


A lot of people may tell you that it is painful, but the truth is, the procedure of the root canal treatment is painless. The procedure may take a little bit longer but as soon as you are treated, you will surely thank your dentist.


Steps for root canal treatment:


The affected tooth will be carefully examined to know the extent of the infection.

An anesthetic or other sedation treatment will be given to the patient. This ensures you are relaxed all throughout the treatment procedure. (When this happens, the pain is quite similar with your common dental filling procedure)

Once the anesthesia is now working, the dentist will remove the pulp inside the tooth, cleans and disinfects it, shapes the root canals and places a filling to have it sealed.

As needed, an anti-inflammatory drug will be given to the patient to reduce gum and tooth inflammation.


Why you should do your root canal treatment now and not tomorrow?


Not following your dentist on getting a root canal treatment will not make your tooth feel a lot better. You could not just sit there for a couple of days and wait for the sore to go away. Root canal cases will haunt you and the longer you wait for it to feel better, the longer it will cause you pain. You have to do something about it. Not getting the treatment right away will make you feel a lot worse since the nerves may be all dead and the infection will burn even more.

Speaking of worse, the reason why you should get a root canal is because once the tooth is already infected, bacteria from the inner pulp will continue to spread down through the roots and even to your gum tissues and down to your jaw. You will feel so much pain, worse than the usual. Without the root canal treatment, the pain can even get to your body, which will cause inflammation and will put you at a more serious risk like stroke and even heart disease.

Root canal cases are not a joke. It should be treated as soon as your dentist tells you to have a root canal treatment. Want to stop the ache? Schedule your root canal treatment with Dental Arts Dr. Deb Cassill, today.

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