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Why Dental Insurance is So Important

If you’re someone who doesn’t have to go to the dentist beyond your routine exams and cleanings, you might wonder why you should bother with dental insurance. While you may not always have to use it, the basic fact is that dental insurance is crucial for many reasons.

It helps you with finances

We’ll start with an obvious one. Dental insurance is important to have because it can help you manage your healthcare finances. Since plans can be catered to individuals, families, and groups, you’ll need to determine what is most appropriate for your situation. Every plan has different coverage options but the intention is the same: to make your dental care accessible and affordable.

If you’re an individual and you rule out dental coverage because it doesn’t fit in your financial plan, you’re making a mistake. Dental care is just as important as medical care and life insurance. Even those of us who experience few cavities may develop dental issues that can be partially or fully covered by insurance.

Take advantage of the dental insurance your employer offers. Even if you elect to forgo it or you’re not offered dental coverage, do a quick internet search. You’ll find plenty of results for dental plan providers. Study what you find and determine which is the best plan for your family and budget.

“Unlike bones or other parts of the body, teeth are incapable of self-repair. This is why receiving fillings and other dental work is necessary to protect teeth from further damage.” (Colgate)

You’ll get coverage for major dental procedures

In an ideal world, you’ll never have to have a tooth replaced or undergo a root canal. Realistically speaking, your chances of needing a more invasive dental procedure go up as you and your family members get older. Whether it’s a tooth replacement, crown, bridge, or dentures, your insurance will likely cover some (maybe all) of the cost.

Just like random vehicle repair expenses or trips to the emergency room, no one likes to pay for dental procedures completely out of pocket. Having insurance is the best way to ensure you won’t have to pay the bill in full when something happens.

You get lots of benefits

The benefits of having dental insurance go well beyond peace of mind and free cleanings. For example, let’s talk about tooth decay, which is quite common among children. Did you know that tooth decay is more common in children than asthma? Yikes! If your child experiences dental issues that turn into a toothache, he or she will be less likely to focus in school and at home. If the issue isn’t addressed by a dentist, bigger issues could start to pop up.

When you have family dental insurance you’ll:

  • Save money
  • Get regular dental treatments and cleanings
  • Promote good oral hygiene to your family
  • Avoid future dental issues
  • Keep your family in good health


Even if dental insurance seems like an unnecessary cost that comes out of each paycheck, it will help you in the long run. Whether you’re a single person or the head of a family, dental care is just as important as getting coverage for it.

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