Three Health Benefits of Orthodontics

One of the best parts of undergoing an orthodontic treatment is the big reveal at the end. Whether you’ve been wearing braces for a year or chose to go with a 6-Month Smile makeover, it’s a moment of pride to see your beautiful straight teeth. And while everyone looks forward to that moment, it’s true that there are multiple health benefits to orthodontics.

Below are a few reasons why Orthodontics are good for your body as well as your appearance.

The changes of tooth decay and gum disease are reduced – Having misaligned teeth isn’t just a visual problem. When your teeth are crooked or crowded, there is little room in between them. These tight spaces are essentially food traps meaning that food particles quickly collect in tight spaces of the mouth and are less likely to be removed by swallowing or brushing. After a while, this debris will turn into plaque which puts you at risk for cavities and gum disease. Even if you brush every day and manage to get floss in between these tight spots, good hygiene isn’t enough.

Your speech will be improved – If you’re looking to improve your speaking abilities, you shouldn’t just stop at your voice. Have you ever noticed that young children have a hard time making “s” sounds once they’ve lost their top front teeth? This is because your tongue moves against the top of your mouth when you speak and your teeth have a great impact on the sound that comes out. If you have teeth that are backwards or jut too far forward, you may have a lisp or other speech impairments. Quite often, children who see speech therapists are instructed to go see an orthodontist. To improve speech quality, it’s important to align the teeth properly.

You’ll experience less or no jaw pain – If your teeth don’t fit properly together, you may have serious jaw pain or a disorder that affects your daily routine. Do you have consistent headaches, experience jaw popping, or severe pain? It’s likely due to the misalignment of your teeth. Jaw pain occurs when your joints are trying to make up for the misalignment of your teeth and when it’s not corrected with orthodontics, it can lead to long-term issues.

Don’t be afraid to correct your teeth with orthodontics

One of the best things about the dental industry today is the wide range of technology that exists. There are several methods of misalignment correction to choose from including Invisalign if you want to maintain a professional look while straightening your teeth, choose from 6-Month Smiles to achieve a straight smile in a pinch, or traditional orthodontics that are just as reliable as ever. To get started, give the dental team at Dental Arts Dr. Deb Cassill a call today about your orthodontic needs. We’ve been helping the Eastern Iowa area create beautiful smiles since 2000 and would love to help you create a straight, healthy smile.

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