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How Long Does a CEREC Crown Last? (Plus 5 Tips On Aftercare!)

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Say “goodbye” to waiting weeks for a lab to make your new dental crown!

With CEREC technology, you can get your same-day crown in just one appointment. Seriously!

The CEREC same-day crown uses digital impressions and crafts a custom-made crown from a block of ceramic. Then, your dentist can put it on during the same visit.

Sounds too good to be true?

You might be wondering:

Since it’s made in only one day, how long does a CEREC crown last?

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • How long a CEREC crown lasts
  • Aftercare tips you need to add to your oral health routine

Let’s get started!

How long do same-day crowns last?

On average, CEREC crowns can last anywhere between 10 to 15 years.

Many people tend to question the quality of a same-day crown in comparison to a traditional dental crown.

But rest assured:

The porcelain ceramic creates excellent quality crowns that are natural-looking and durable.

Your CEREC crown is an investment, which is why we’ll be sharing five habits that will optimize your crown’s lifespan.

5 tips on how to take care of your same-day crown

Taking proper care and preventing damage to your CEREC crown will keep your crown for many years.

1. Brush and floss daily

Although your crown isn’t prone to decay (thanks to its ceramic nature), you still need to take care of your supporting tooth underneath.

Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time.

Floss daily to eliminate germs and food particles trapped between your crown and gum.

If you have sensitive teeth, look for a soft nylon toothbrush and products designed for sensitive teeth.

2. Avoid hard or sticky food

Your CEREC crown mimics the strength of your natural teeth.

And just like your natural teeth, chewing on hard or sticky foods can cause chips or break.

It’s important to avoid sticky or very chewy foods because they can weaken or loosen your crown.


Sticky food is harder to remove, which may easily turn into plaque if you’re not already brushing and flossing regularly.

5. Don’t use your teeth as tools

If you find yourself using your teeth to open bottle caps, reduce anxiety, or chew ice – stop immediately.

Biting your nails may lead to chips or cracks in your CEREC crown.

Chewing ice or using your teeth as tools to open things will also shorten your crown’s lifespan.

Keep in mind:

Your CEREC crown is an investment. Take care of it!

4. Use a mouthguard

Do you grind your teeth at night?

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, may cause:

  • Broken teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth

Protect your new crown with a nightguard.

In addition:

You should wear a sportsguard to protect your entire mouth from any oral trauma if you’re an athlete.

5. Visit your dentist for routine cleanings

Lastly, your dentist knows best!

Seeing your dentist regularly allows them to professionally clean your teeth and check in on your CEREC crown at the same time.

They’ll ensure your crown is still fitted properly so you can enjoy your smile without any problems.

Where can I get a CEREC crown in Cedar Rapids, IA?

Dental Arts Dr. Deb Cassill is proud to offer CEREC same-day crowns.

You’ll enjoy the convenience and durability of our high-quality crowns with a skilled dental team.

Dr. Deb Cassill uses her advanced training and modern technology to ensure your CEREC crown treatment is a stress-free process.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Cassill today to see if a CEREC crown restoration is right for you.

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