Braces for Kids in Cedar Rapids 101

Not every kid Cedar Rapids needs braces. But if your child does need one, one of their common worries includes how it will look on them and how it will feel when worn. You as their parents may also have some questions you wish to ask, too. Thus, here are some relevant information on kids and braces:



Are Braces Necessary?



Braces for kids is due to a number of reasons. This includes the following:


Crooked teeth

Overlapping teeth

Overcrowded teeth

Bad bite (Malocclusion caused by an overbite or an underbite)


What are the causes of these teeth misalignments?


Sometimes, thumb sucking, losing baby teeth during an early age or having an accident can cause tooth and jaw problem. It can also be blamed for a person’s genes. Thus, if one of your family members have dental problems and needed braces during their youth, then your kids will mostly like to need to wear one to.


How to know when its time to wear braces


If you and your kids visit a dentist regularly, your dentist will notice if there’s a problem. They may even recommend that you see an orthodontist, especially if they don’t specialize with these types of dental treatments.


Here at Dental Arts Dr. Deb Cassill, we can correct your jaw and teeth alignment through the use of braces. Talk to us if you are interested in it.


How early should my child get braces in Cedar Rapids?


There is no age set for your kid’s orthodontist visit. Some go at age six, others when they are 10 while others in their teen years.


However, the majority of orthodontists recommend kids to see them once their permanent teeth start to come out. This is because, at age 7, issues like an uneven bite or overlapping teeth can already be visible.


Does it mean my child has to wear a brace?


Not necessarily. By visiting an orthodontist, you will know different treatment options that can help fix the problem at an earlier stage.  Do it right the first time and you can avoid having to deal with bigger dental problems in the future.


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