3 Ways To Perfect Set of Teeth This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is up and coming?

Have you found your date?

How about the perfect place to celebrate this special occasion?


So you think you have everything planned? But wait…


Did you check on your oral health to ensure your partner will not easily be turned off by any oral disease you may have? Invest in the following dental procedures to make your date will have a big smile on their face upon seeing you.


Teeth whitening in less than 2 hours


Too much smoking or drinking can stain your teeth. Surprise your date with a whiter set of teeth. We use only the leading brands to ensure you’ll have a safe treatment.


How long will it take?


It will take no more than 90 minutes. In some cases, you can even complete the rest of your treatement at home. Choose from either KöR vs. Zoom Whitening Methods.


Schedule an appointment with us so you can smile confidently while you celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Learn more about this service.


Same day crown treatment


Did you have an accident prior to your date? Do you need an immediate treatment option so you can have your dashing smile fast without surgery?


Schedule advanced same-day dental crowns with us. This is most helpful to anyone who has a damaged tooth or a crooked bite.


The process is fairly simple. By using innovative technology from CEREC crowns, you can have your new crown designed at our office in a matter of minutes. This is made from porcelain and has a color matching technology that conveniently allows it to match the color of your teeth.


Learn more about it.



Periodontal Treatment


Enjoy the special meal you have prepared. See your doctor for a one-day periodontal treatment to get rid of any gum disease you may have. Experience the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), an FDA approved laser treatment that is less painful and is more successful than the traditional surgical methods. This is also helpful in promoting new bone growth and gum tissue reattachment.


Learn more about it.


Looking forward to see you with a better set of teeth this Valentine’s Day. Schedule your appointment with us, today.

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