3 Common Dental Issues During Winter

With winter season sweeping Iowa, it is not unusual for many of you to experience three of these most common dental issues. Learn the causes of these dental problems and how it can be prevented below:


1.Tooth Sensitivity


When the cold temperature rises, more and more people experience tooth sensitivity. This is not unique in Iowa but is experienced by other people who have cooler temperatures like Canada.


Some factors that may cause you to experience these include small cracks or cavities on your teeth. However, if your tooth sensitivity lasts for more than three days, then you should immediately schedule an appointment with your local dentist. In this manner, your dentist can safely analyze your teeth to diagnose the cause of the problem.


2.Dry Mouth


Dry mouth, although, not considered a major problem can lead to many dental issues including:


  • Gingivitis
  • Halitosis
  • Tooth Decay


This is mostly due to the exposure of an individual to dry indoor air. Thus, it is best to continue drinking lots of water amidst the cold temperature. Keep yourself hydrated while staying indoors. This will be most helpful in preventing dry mouth.


3.Sore Jaw


Does your jaw hurt during cold weather?


You are not alone. There are many individuals who experience this condition during winter time. This is attributed to the change of air pockets throughout your body due to the drop in temperature. Thus, putting pressure on your nerves.


Little do we know that your jaws are hinged on a very sensitive joint, the temporomandibular joint, which runs from your temple to the chin. Without this, it would be very difficult for you to move your mouth.


Just like other joints, when cold season arrives, this joint also gets affected. Thus you find yourself having difficulty opening your mouth, experiencing headaches and earaches, as well as pain when chewing.


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